Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Sunday Musings...

I have to clean up my house, and there is no football. Damn. For whatever reason, I find that housecleaning and bone-crunching violence go well together. Thankfully I've found an "America's Next Top Model" marathon on Oxygen. ANTM works almost as well for housecleaning as football. Don't ask me why.

I'm 29K into the new book and at one of those, "uh oh. Now what?" places. I think what I have is pretty good; I kinda know where the book ends up in the final third, but this middle third...I'm clueless.

I get a lot of ideas when I'm walking, in the gym, and, yeah, especially in the shower. Apparently a lot of people find showering conducive to creative problem-solving.

(more in the New Yorker, registration required).

The problem is, figuring out this middle third is going to take a lot of showers, and we're having a drought here in California.

Other thoughts: when did weekends get to be...less interesting than weekdays? In part this is because, hey, I'm not working, so every day is kind of a weekend. Mostly, though, when you're waiting to find out about the status of...well, business stuff, this doesn't happen on weekends!

And did I mention, no football?

And finally...two things that do not go on the Mini-Stair-Stepper and Ninja leg-climbing kitten. Last night I did the last three hundred steps with a small cat on my shoulder.

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