Friday, January 09, 2009

Amazing things happen...

when you follow instructions. I went to Haloscan and they had a very easy set of directions to reinstall Haloscan with the new Blogger. I was almost tempted to stick with Blogger comments, but I have so many posts with Haloscan comments that I went back to it (with the older posts, comments are not visible until you click on the perma-link, but they are there). With the new template & haloscan, I'm not sure if you can now retrieve the Blogger comments, but them's the breaks.

Except, crap. It looks like my "followers" have disappeared (and doing the "followers" thing is why I updated to new Blogger to begin with). Why is this? Feh.

UPDATE: The folks at Haloscan are extremely responsive and are working to fix the bug. Props to them!

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