Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another flippin' meme...

Okay, THIS time I got tagged for, erm..."Six things that make me happy." I'm pretty sure it was Bryn Greenwood who did the deed, but it might have been Dana or Elizabeth. You should go read all three of their blogs anyway.

1. I'll start with cats. Because I have two sitting on my lap. And if I ignore them, they might get pissed off.
2. Good food, good wine, good companions. Oh, wait. I guess that's three.
3. Travel. Drop me someplace different, let me look around. I like traveling with friends - that is, if we're travel-compatible. You know what I mean. I'm easy, and I don't do well with people who, well, aren't. I also like traveling by myself. There's something about the solitude, the near-melancholy, that resonates with me in a way that, well, makes me happy. If I speak the language, it's even better.
4. Long walks. When I walk, I learn about a place in a way that's so detailed, so intimate - I'm connected. The opposite of the purposeful isolation of driving.
5. Writing. Even when I hate it.
6. Having control over my time. Living a creative life.

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