Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"Weird walk mimics lad's online game characters"

A Shanghai high school boy addicted to online war games, cannot stop walking in a zigzag way, reports the Youth Daily.

But he was oblivious to the curious gait he developed, which subconsciously mimics the movement of characters underfire and dodging bullets.

Acting on the advice of doctors, the boy is now being forced by his parents to correct his walk by practising striding up and down along a tape measure.

With a disturbing number of youngsters becoming addicted to the Internet and online games, some 100 primary and high schools in Shanghai are launching a campaign to alert them to the dangers and help those already addicted kick the habit.

From China Daily's "Home Scene." Just scroll halfway down the page and look on the left. I'll leave the story about the exhausted goose seeking police help for you to read on your own...

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