Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Meta and Meta...

The Guardian reported yesterday that a new reality show called "The Guantanamo Guidebook" will be broadcast later this month in Great Britain. The program "will examine the effects of mild torture on seven male volunteers."
The programme exposed the volunteers, three of whom are Muslim, to 48 hours of "torture lite" including sleep deprivation, the use of extreme temperatures and "mild" physical contact.

As at Guantánamo and more vividly in Abu Ghraib, the volunteers were also subject to periods of enforced nudity and religious and sexual humiliation.

The seven male volunteers, one of whom withdrew after just seven hours suffering from hypothermia, were recruited initially by adverts asking how "hard" they were.
Pausing for a moment. Taking a few deep breaths...


The article goes on to explain that this is one of a four-part series "examining the use of torture in the 'war against terror'".
"This season of programmes challenges the viewers to watch torture techniques we know are used in Guantánamo [and asks whether] can such torture ever be justified," says the Channel 4 head of news and current affairs. "Does it work? And how the values of western society are undermined by the use of such torture."
Right. Anyone want to bet on whether female interrogators in mini-skirts and thong underwear make an appearance?

Or worse...perhaps...the Comfy Chair...

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