Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Wonderful World of Writer's Market

I'm trying to take a somewhat proactive approach to selling the book I just finished, as opposed to waiting for the second and final established contact that I have not to pan out (I'm really not cynical. Really). For one thing, I think this book might have a shot at selling, unlike...well, unlike just about everything else I've ever written.

So into the breach go I. Specifically, I've started exploring Writer's Market online for potential agents and publishers.

From my explorations thus far, I have learned some interesting things.

1. There are a lot of publishers asking for "Lesbian Fiction"
2. There are a lot of publishers asking for "Christian-themed" work.

Question: does this mean that Christian Lesbian-themed fiction is a slam-dunk?

Here are two of my favorite publishing entries:

Hyacinthe L. Raven, editor


We are a small press, and publish chapbooks and chapbook-sized works. VDP concentrates on helping those who are suicidal and depressed by publishing works of catharsis. All works we publish are dark, painful, anguished. Currently emphasizing scholarly nonfiction, essays and literary criticism.
Give me a few more weeks of searching Writer's Market, Ms. Raven, and I'll be right there with you.

Favorite #2:
Ellora's Cave Publishing

All must be under genre romance. All must have erotic content or author be willing to add sex during editing.

Recent Titles:
Caught!, by Lorie O'Clare
Eden's Curse, by Elisa Adams
Immaculate, by Kate Hill

"Our audience is romance readers who want to read more sex, more detailed sex. They come to us, because we offer not erotica, but Romantica™. Sex with romance, plot, emotion. Remember Ellora's Cave is a Romantica™ site. We publish romance books with an erotic nature. More sex is the motto, but there has to be a storyline--a logical plot and a happy ending."
And whatever you do, don't forget the Romantica™...

One more thing I have learned...

"Glitz" is a genre. Did you know that?

Paging Hyacinthe Raven!

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