Sunday, July 30, 2006

No words left...

From the AP:
The U.N. Security Council called Sunday for an end to violence in Lebanon and expressed "extreme shock and distress" over Israel's bombing of civilians in the village of Qana which killed 56 people, almost all of them women and children.

But the presidential statement, adopted unanimously by the 15-member council in an emergency session, stopped short of condemning the Israeli airstrike Sunday.

The council said it "strongly deplores this loss of innocent life and the killing of civilians in the present conflict" and called for the council to work without delay to adopt a resolution for a lasting settlement of the crisis....]

...Attempts by Qatar, the only Arab nation on the council, to strengthen language in the statement prolonged discussions late into the evening before the statement was passed.

But U.S. Ambassador John Bolton opposed any condemnation of the attack.

Bolton repeated the American insistence that any statement must address what the U.S. says is the root cause of the conflict — Hezbollah's continued grip on southern Lebanon and its attacks on Israel.

"Our view for quite some time has been and remains that we need to work toward a permanent solution to the problems in the region and that obviously we are converging to try to find a way to reach that solution," Bolton said.

In the three weeks since fighting began, the Security Council's only response has been a weak statement expressing shock and distress at Israel's bombing of a U.N. post on the Lebanon border Tuesday which killed four unarmed U.N. observers.

The United States, Israel's chief ally, has blocked stronger statements because it does not want to press Israel for an immediate cease-fire.
Okay, four words.

Go fuck yourself, Bolton.

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