Monday, July 17, 2006

Time for a New Tinfoil Hat

Because when moderate, restrained sorts of bloggers like Steve Clemons speculate that an attack on US citizens being evacuated from Beirut by cruise ship might be used to provoke greater American involvement in a Middle Eastern regional war...well, the one I've got obviously has a few holes in it:
Bill Kristol is not the only one who wants America dragged into a worsening conflagration in the Middle East.

Militants who want to test American resolve and further bolster their legitimacy in the eyes of a frightened, frustrated, and weary public may want to trigger the military involvement of the United States on another front in the Middle East.

Now comes the news that the U.S. is going to evacuate Americans caught in the crossfire in Lebanon by cruise ship on Tuesday.

I don't believe that the neocons would ever try to sabotage our rescue of Americans via a cruise liner. That would be too cynical of me -- and they are ideas people, not military practitioners.

But there are players on all sides of this conflict that may find a floating, slow, and poorly defended elephant of a ship too tempting of a target. Real or contrived, any potential attack would look like a Hezbollah attack.
Pass the Reynolds Wrap, please...

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