Friday, September 26, 2008

Milk Scandal Satire

If you're not familiar with the fenqing "angry youth" strain of Chinese nationalism, you may not find this pitch-perfect parody as funny as I did. But here's a sample from a post at, thanks to China Digital Times:
Don’t forget the fact that the milk powder industry has developed for hundreds of years in other countries but for only a few decades in China. Chinese-made milk powder has made progress in recent years. Don’t expect to achieve perfection in one step. Untainted production systems can only be achieved gradually. Only a gradual process can serve China’s unique characteristics.

Boycotting or confronting Sanlu will only complicate the problem. We should take the approach of dialogue, taking time to communicate while drinking Sanlu milk powder. Only stability can ensure the development of the milk powder production. If we bankrupt Sanlu, China’s milk powder market will go into chaos, and Western milk powder will have a chance to take over China’s market.

As we can see from the history of the development of other countries’ milk powder industries, without exception there has got to be a gradual purification process to decontaminate tainted milk powder. It is the conspiracy of the west to indoctrinate Chinese to drink untainted milk powder form youth in order to destroy China’s milk powder industries. China’s milk powder industries are still very feeble, and the decontamination should still take a long time. If we adopt Western standards, every year, even the recall of 7000 tons of tainted milk powder won’t suffice; can the Chinese milk powder industry still have a chance to grow strong?

Chinese should have a long-term perspective and first drink tainted milk powder for another few decades sacrificing one or two generations; after Sanlu later promptly becomes strong so that it can compete with western production, then we can start to produce infants untainted milk powder step by step, given the assumption that there still remain some infants at that time.

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