Sunday, August 28, 2005

How About, "We've Decided To Go In A Different Direction"?

From Saturday's unlinkable SCMP, more on the upcoming Chinese version of "The Apprentice":
The winner of the Chinese version of The Apprentice
will be hired on a lucrative 1 million yuan annual
salary in the business empire of maverick Beijing
property tycoon Pan Shiyi.

Speaking for the first time on being chosen by Donald
Trump to front the programme, Mr Pan said he would not
adopt the aggressive TV persona of the New York
property mogul with losing contestants.

"I definitely won't say, `You're fired!' It's just not
in my character," said the 41-year-old, though he has
routinely sacked his worst-performing employees over
the past decade.

"Chinese people give others face. To tell somebody
he's fired in such a tone, especially when this person
has literally not been hired, is not the Chinese way.
"I probably will say something like, `You will have a
better opportunity somewhere else', in a way he will
get it and find the manner acceptable," added the man
nicknamed Naughty Boy for his company's innovative

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