Friday, July 15, 2005

"Being the eximious soul of The Great Wall"

Oookay. Let me start this post by reiterating that I love China. I really do. And my Chinese is pretty crappy. So I know that when I attempt to write something in Chinese, it's generally laughable. However...

I was doing a little research tonight and came across this official website for the Badaling Great, my thinking here is that this is one of the biggest, most popular tourist attractions in China...and there are an awful lot of native English speakers living in one would think that it wouldn't be hard to have a little copy editing done...and yet...
◇Current Place:Index page→History and Expectation

 The Great Wall is not only the magnum opus of human being but also the soul of China!
 And the Badaling Great Wall is the eximious representation of The Great Wall.
 On the peak of the Badaling, The Great Wall is towering. It goes up to the South peak and north peak from the Guan city, convolves on the ridge of Jundu mountain and Qian mountain,You can not see its beginning and end,It disappears beyond.
 So many people climbed it,surved the Great Wall,felt inspirited,song the praises of it and gasped in admiration⋯⋯
 When did it be built in the groups of mountains?What imprints did the remote years left behind?How many hardships and dangers did it got through? It also has many move one to praises and tears,lamentable and laughable storys of the historical people⋯⋯
 The Great Wall which be created by the human being will be your nice mind forever!
All of this raises a question...

What the heck does "eximious" mean?

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