Thursday, April 07, 2005

Shanghai Men Ageing Early

I wonder if this will put a dent in the notorious Shanghai superiority complex:
The percentage of men showing signs of early ageing in Shanghai, China's most modern and one of its richest cities, has doubled over the past two decades, state media said, citing a survey.

Symptoms of "male menopause," which includes weariness, vesicular diseases and deteriorating sexual ability, trouble 20 percent of Shanghai men under the age of 45, the China Daily quoted the survey saying...

...Unhealthy lifestyles, emotional stress and environmental pollution were reasons for the higher rate of premature male ageing, according to Li, who added that some of his patients are younger than 35.


Anonymous said...

This phenomenon started about 80 years ago, Shanghainese thought they were the center of China's financial and cultural center. They looked down on people from the rest of the country, including Hong Kong. However, it is true that most of the great writers, artists of new China before 1949 were from the greater Shanghai, Zhejiang area.

Other Lisa said...

I remember in 1979, in Beijing, even though there were relatively few consumer products being made in China, everyone I talked to wanted to get the things made in Shanghai, because they were thought to be of higher quality.

Shanghai has the edge in business, but I think nowadays the art scene is probably livelier in Beijing.