Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Greetings from Beijing...

I'm mostly settled in at my run-down but charming hotel in the hutongs. The weather here is unseasonably warm, making me wonder if I will even need the Sorel boots I schlepped in my minimal luggage - which, in spite of my planning and best intentions, is still too damn heavy.

I hadn't made many plans for my few days in Beijing but the days are already pretty filled up, so I'd better get going. Chinese class now, blogger dinner later. Tomorrow, a late CNY dinner with a friend (I need to find presents!) and if I can swing it, I'll drop by the latest Beijing Tweet-up.

Friday or thereabouts, I set off for Kunming. After that, I will work my way north to Xinjiang. I will, internet access permitting, keep you posted.

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