Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Blogroll - Part 2

I've added a bunch of links since my first round-up. Thought this was a good time to catch you up on them...again, I'm too lazy to hyperlink; you can find them all on the site.

Mandarin Tools: a really cool site for those studying Chinese. The webmaster has assembled an impressive collection of dictionary links, Chinese language webtools, all kinds of great stuff - including the ever popular Chinese Name Generator.

Today In Iraq: lest we forget, there's a war going on. This site, written by a former soldier, collects all the news coming out of Iraq that is so easy to overlook, keeps track of the casualties (and puts a human face on them) and provides incisive, bitter commentary.

Fear of a White Planet: Laowai 1979, a former PRC resident, now a grad student in Great Britain, gives us his opinions and analysis of China.

Those Who Dare: the infamous Jing of Peking Duck comment fame weighs in with his own blog. This guy, when you get past the snark, knows a helluva lot about China and about world events in general.

Hanzi Smatter: Tian has devoted himself to exposing the dangers of a little Chinese character knowledge. You wouldn't want to have a tattoo on your body that reads "Stupid woman," now, would you? I didn't think so...

Under the Tenement Palm: Expat ESL teacher blogging from Xinjiang. I've always wanted to visit Xinjiang...

The Longbow Papers: Expat teaching college level journalism in Beijing. In addition to his own commentary, he provides an online magazine of his students' work, which is both revealing and extraordinarily brave.

Zhadi's Den: the online diary of a woman who has uprooted her life, moved to a new place and is trying to make sense of it all, with an emphasis on writing, big cats, relationships and wine.

Imagethief: Expat PR flack in Beijing reveals...most.

Leylop: a Chinese woman blogs about her travels (which are extensive) and her life. Check out her posts about Kashgar...another place on my list of must-sees...

Enjoy...and I'm always looking for cool sites...let me know...

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