Saturday, April 04, 2009

Feel-good item for the day....

From the San Diego Union:
As a wayward young whale nicknamed Diego was swimming around in San Diego's harbor, a group of 24 San Diegans were on a whale-watching trip on San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja California.

They ventured out in groups of eight in small boats for a tour led by the S.D. Natural History Museum. The gregarious gray whales gave them a warm welcome. They rubbed up against the hulls of the boats. Mothers pushed their babies toward the visitors, and the babies opened their mouths to have their tongues and baleens stroked.

What amazed museum executive Jim Stone, though, was one baby whale who dived and came up with a mouthful of red seaweed. The youngster brought it to the people in the boat, like a bouquet of flowers.

Stone, a longtime aquarium worker knowledgeable about marine mammals, said the baby clearly was bringing a gift. The passengers graciously accepted it.

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