Thursday, March 26, 2009


As mentioned in an earlier post, I somehow managed to break my point-and-shoot pocket camera during my trip, cracking the viewing screen on the back, which completely scrambled the image into TV test bars and lines. This was especially frustrating because this particular camera, the Olympus Stylus 850, is designed to be waterproof down to 10 feet of water and shock-proof up to a five foot drop - and I have no idea how I broke it, just pulled it out to take a photo, and there was the crack. I was really fond of the camera too. The image quality is decent and I liked that it would hold up to a certain amount of abuse...well, in theory.

Anyway though the camera was still under warranty, I figured it probably would not be covered, with the damage excluded under the "misuse" clause. But I went ahead and sent it in, thinking that I might as well see if the repair would be cheaper than the replacement cost.

I walked it over to a UPS Store on Saturday. It went out on Monday. Today is Thursday. The camera arrived today, all fixed, no charge. I am amazed.

Also amazing...I wasn't home to accept delivery. I live in a house surrounded by a fairly tall fence on the street side. The UPS guy threw it over the fence. It was a good 20 feet away from the gate, so he must have really flung it. Now, I've left notes for UPS on occasion when I could not wait for a package, saying that if the gate was locked, go ahead and throw it over. You know, things like my Red Oxx deliveries. But this was a box, clearly marked on all sides, in big red letters, "Fragile."

Thankfully the camera is not cracked and does seem to work, but really, UPS guys. Would you toss a wine shipment over the fence?

Anyway, thank you, Olympus, for standing behind your product and taking care of the repair in such an amazingly timely manner.

I am,

Your loyal customer.

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