Friday, October 03, 2008

None of your business...

Gah. It's inevitable that if you blog long enough, you will get tagged with a blog meme, and I have gotten tagged again. This time it's "six interesting things you don't know about me."

Okay, look. First, if you know me, you probably know what's interesting, or not, about me. If you don't know me, why would I want to tell you?

Besides, I'm pretty sure that I already did this once, except it was five things you didn't know about me, and now you want six?


I'll give you two.

I once gave a speech during a Democratic convention to the California delegation during our delegation's breakfast. Me, Barbara Boxer (she gave away cute boxer shorts), Bill Bradley, and I forget who else. I was pretty good.

I also arranged and sang half the backing tracks for the scene in the film, "Undercover Brother," where Eddie Griffin and Denise Richards sing "Ebony and Ivory" in a karaoke bar.

I think that's enough for this evening.

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