Saturday, January 29, 2005

Bill Gates Praises Chinese Capitalism

Right here...

DAVOS, Switzerland, (AFP) - US software giant Bill Gates (news - web sites) has high praise for China, which he says has created a brand-new form of capitalism that benefits consumers more than anything has in the past.

"It is a brand-new form of capitalism, and as a consumer its the best thing that ever happened," Gates told an informal meeting late Friday at the World Economic Forum in this ski resort.

He characterised the Chinese model in terms of "willingness to work hard and not having quite the same medical overhead or legal overhead".

Kind of like Walmart.

Gates continued by heaping praise on the current generation of Chinese leaders.

"They're smart," he said with emphasis. "They have this mericratic way of picking people for these government posts where you rotate into the university and really think about state allocation of resources and the welfare of the country and then you rotate back into some bureaucratic position."

That rotation continued, Gates explained, and leaders were constantly subjected to various kinds of ratings.

I'm trying to wrap my tiny little mind around this and failing. I want to make Windows jokes. Or speculate that given Microsoft's anti-trust problems, it's not surprising that Gates would find such a system attractive...

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